motorcycle accident lawyer Morgantown, WVRiding a motorcycle is a liberating and freeing way to get around, however, part of what gives us those excitable feelings is the fact that it’s dangerous too. Even experienced riders have probably been in a brutal crash, or had gotten lucky and barely avoided one. For motorcyclists, they must prioritize safety and training so they can reduce the odds of being in a terrible accident. Awareness of basic safety tips will help new riders establish good habits that will serve to protect them in the future. But as a motorcycle accident lawyer riders trust from Hayhurst Law PLLC has seen before, even the most careful and practiced rider can still become the victim in a tragic accident. 

Purchase The Right Bike

It can be all too tempting to get carried away with imagining yourself on a gigantic or terrifyingly speedy bike. But purchasing an appropriate bike for you will give you a better foundation for the basics, and allow you to master them before upgrading your motorcycle. Safety begins with the type of bike you purchase, so be sure to make a realistic decision and not one based on risky fantasy. A bike that isn’t the right size or is speedier than you have practiced in the past could be what puts your life in jeopardy. The bike you buy should meet your skill level, not exceed it.

Wear A Helmet, Always

The controversy over whether to wear a motorcycle helmet seems silly when you consider the fact that a simple choice of placing protection over your head can be what ultimately saves your life. In fact, motorcycle riders who always wear their helmets are less likely to die from serious head trauma or sustain brain injuries during the crash. The quick act of popping a helmet onto your head before riding is an important choice for every rider, and it’s one that they must choose, always. 

Take A Day Off For Weather

A contributing factor that compounds injury severity and danger level for motorcycle riding is using their bike during inclement weather. As a lawyer from Hayhurst Law PLLC would agree with, if it’s snowing, windy, or raining, these conditions can hinder your ability to maintain control over the bike, regardless of your level of experience. For riders just starting out, bad weather should be avoided at all costs. But again, whether you are a seasoned rider or beginner, it may be best to just take the day off due to poor weather.

Practice Riding Defensively

Car drivers pose a danger to motorcyclists, so riders must always be the ones to take extra caution. Some riders may swerve between cars during traffic, but this habit is particularly dangerous. Within moments a car driver can suddenly decide to change lanes, not see the motorcyclist, and cause a collision. You can maximize road safety by driving defensively, as a way to prevent accidents and reduce the chances of injury. Assume that car drivers do not see you, and plan for that by scanning ahead and slowing down.