When you think of the price it’ll cost you to fight your personal injury case, you might throw all your eggs into one basket, but there are actually a lot more costs than just paying your lawyer. The following are some things that will help you realize the price you’ll pay to fight your personal injury case.

Lawyer Fees

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t have to pay the lawyer upfront for his or her services. If the lawyer chooses to take your case, he or she will be paid out of your settlement. If the case isn’t won, and you don’t receive any money, your lawyer won’t collect a fee. This is why many personal injury lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis will be picky about the cases they take on.

Now you’ll probably wonder how much that fee is. In most cases, a lawyer will take a contingency fee of between 33% and 40%. For example, if your settlement is $90,000, your lawyer may keep around $30,000 and you’ll receive around $60,000.

Other Costs

During the course of your case, there are going to be other costs that come up. Some lawyers include these costs in the contingency fee, others allow you to receive a settlement and pay out of that, and others ask you to pay these additional costs as they arise. This could include:

  • Costs to obtain medical records or police reports
  • Trial exhibit costs
  • Fees for filing the case with the court
  • Fees for expert witnesses
  • Investigative expenses
  • Deposition costs

If your lawyer pays for these items as they arise, with the intention to take them from the settlement, it may appear the contingency fee will jump from 33% to 60% when everything is included. You’ll need to consider this to determine whether it’s worth fighting your case or accepting a lower offer.

Emotional and Physical Costs

Keep in mind there are going to be emotional costs that come with fighting a personal injury case. The price you pay isn’t just monetary, as this could stretch your mental abilities as far as you can handle. You should also keep in mind your body could pay the price if you are still recovering from the injuries while you’re trying to manage your case.

Contacting a Lawyer for More Information

The price of fighting a personal injury case can get high, but it’s worth it if your lawyer feels he or she can get you a favorable settlement. Contact an abogado de lesiones personales in Canoga Park, CA, like from Unidos Legales, today for more information on costs and fees so you can get started with your case.