Truck Accident Lawyer Winder, GA

Victims of truck accidents typically face a long journey to recovery. Truck accidents not only result in a great amount of destruction, but cause especially severe injuries. They make up about 6% of all accidents. If you have recently been in an accident involving a pick-up truck, commercial truck, tractor-trailer or other kind of truck, contact a lawyer right away so that you can get the legal assistance that you need. Whether you were driving a truck or were in a vehicle that was struck by one, a lawyer can help you. They will pursue everyone who is liable so that you can recover all of your losses. The following types of truck accident claims are some of the most common cases that a truck accident lawyer can help you with. 

Under-Ride Accident 

An under-ride accident is when a vehicle becomes stuck under a truck. This can happen when a vehicle gets lodged under a truck’s carriage. These types of accidents can happen when a truck suddenly brakes, causing the vehicle behind it to rear-end the truck. They can also happen when smaller vehicles swerve in and out of lanes. If the driver is not careful, they can accidentally get stuck underneath the truck, which can result in serious injuries or even death. 

Jackknife Accident 

A jackknife accident is when the front part of a truck and its trailer are not moving in sync. If the trailer part of a truck does not move directly behind the front part, it can often result in an accident where the two parts of truck end up in V or L position. Jackknife accidents are especially dangerous because they are so difficult to control. They can happen if a truck driver is speeding, or if they suddenly brake, causing the rear part to swing wildly.

Drunk Driving Accident 

Unfortunately, many truck accidents involve drunk driving. As a Winder, GA truck accident lawyer like one from Norris Injury Law can tell you, they can help you recover many damages if you were struck by a drunk driver. You should not have to pay for the total cost of your injuries if a driver who was under the influence struck you. If your injuries were caused by a drunk driver, reach out to a skilled accident lawyer so that they can help you recover compensation that you deserve. 

Lack of Truck Maintenance 

Many truck accidents happen because they were not maintained properly or did not undergo thorough inspection. Commercial trucks in particular must get routine maintenance evaluations. Even the most minor issues must be addressed and fixed, otherwise it can cause an accident. If you were injured in a truck accident and the cause was a lack of maintenance, you could get a large amount of compensation. 

Recovering after a devastating truck accident is far from easy, and your life may not be the same. See if you can recover damages by requesting help from a lawyer. Contact a qualified truck accident lawyer now if you are in need of legal help.