Many people enjoy spending their weekends and free time boating for leisure. Due to the popularity of boating, more people are vulnerable to being injured in a serious accident. If a boating wreck occurs and passengers suffer injuries, they may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help victims get monetary restitution for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, and more. If you or someone you know was relaxing out on the water when an unexpected boating accident occurred, we encourage you to reach out to a law firm immediately.

Examples of Boat Accidents

Boat accidents can lead to very severe injuries for passengers and cause substantial damages. For example, victims of boating wrecks may sustain head injuries, burns, broken bones, spinal cord damage, whiplash, internal bleeding, lacerations, and other painful conditions. When boating accidents happen because another person was being reckless or negligent, obtaining legal representation is key to getting what you deserve in a settlement. The most common reasons boat wrecks occur are due to:

  • Fires on board
  • Capsizing
  • Boat driver being under the influence
  • Falling overboard
  • Colliding with other boats, shore, or dock
  • Propeller accidents

Factors of the Boat Wreck

An attorney may inquire with a victim about factors of the incident, including the number of people on the boat, weather conditions, boat maintenance, driver experience, and location. These details can help your attorney decide who was at-fault for the accident, and who you can act against for repayment of losses and damages. Passengers on the boat may have been put into life-threatening situation if the accident caused them to be pushed overboard into the water, as there is a possibility of drowning or being starved of oxygen (which can lead to brain damage).

A boat driver who was under the influence or improperly trained to operate a boat, may have caused the accident to happen. Perhaps the driver turned a corner too quickly, didn’t consider high winds, or didn’t fix a broken part that was integral to the boat foundation. It can be upsetting to be in such a predicament, especially if you had thought the owner or operator of the boat was someone you could trust.

Always See Your Doctor

Even if you believe you weren’t injured in the boating accident, it is still important to get a check-up from your doctor to confirm you have a clean bill of health. After going through a traumatic experience like a boat accident, victims may endure shock and anxiety in the days following. Due to this flood of adrenaline and other hormones, aches and pains may not be felt right away. A doctor can run tests and begin treatment for any underlying injuries.

Boating accidents can be tragic, particularly if the driver had been speeding at the time of the wreck. Passengers can quickly go from fun party-goers, to victims of agonizing injuries. We recommend talking with an attorney so they can help fight for the compensation you need. Please call without hesitation.


Source: Elizabeth, NJ Personal Injury Lawyers, Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.