Do you work from home? Does your employer often ask you to complete work-related tasks after you head home for the night? If so, you are entitled to workers’ compensation when you receive an injury at home. As with anything, there are some exceptions, but in many cases you would be eligible.

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a benefit that every employee is entitled to. Anyone who is injured on the job as a result of a work-related duty can typically receive compensation, regardless of the location of that duty. For example, someone who is running an errand during his or her lunch break and is injured while doing so could have a case, even though it was during a lunch break. What’s more is someone who completes work-related duties, even from the comfort of his or her own home, could also have a case upon becoming injured while working.

What Types of At-Home Injuries Qualify?

At-home injuries aren’t always just black and white in terms of which are covered and which are not. A court will take a look at the exact injury, exactly how it happened, exactly when it happened, etc. The following are some examples to consider.

  • You answer phone calls for your employer from the comfort of your living room. During a call, you cross the room to review a document, trip over your dog and hit your head on the coffee table. Because you were in the middle of a work-related phone call, you could have a successful workers’ compensation case on your hands.
  • You answer phone calls from home. Between calls you run downstairs to switch the laundry. While down there, you slip on water from a leaky pipe, fall and hit your head. Because you were performing personal duties that were completely unrelated to your job, you generally wouldn’t have a case.

Do Independent Contractors Qualify?

Independent contractors pose another aspect to workers’ compensation. The court will take a close examination at the contractor and exactly how he or she works with the company. If the contractor appears to be considered an employee, he or she could qualify. If he or she is definitely independent of the company, workers’ compensation would probably not be an option.

Receiving Compensation Today

Whether you feel you have a case for workers’ compensation or not, it’s important to contact an attorney if you become injured while working from home. 

If you’re confused about your case or unsure if your injury applies to workers’ compensation, consider contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer, from Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt, today. Consulting with them can help you understand your rights better and get you back on track to a normal life.