When it comes to sexual assault, the military takes this crime extremely seriously. While it is important the courts across the nation take sexual assault (and other crimes) seriously, many times a member of the military faces false accusations of sexual assault. When this happens, their reputation—and their future—can be permanently ruined. When a member of the military is erroneously put through the court process based on false allegations, there is no justice. However, when the alleged sexual assaulter goes to their court-martial with a military defense attorney on their side, they can feel more at ease knowing that they are in the hands of someone who not only knows how to fight against sexual assault allegations but who is also familiar with the military justice system. For more information on how to fight off these false accusations, contact a military defense lawyer at Camp Pendleton, like one from The Federal Practice Group, now.

Why are military sexual assault cases so problematic?

One of the most frustrating and difficult kinds of sexual assault case to deal with is when a member of the military faces a sexual assault allegation that is only based on another person’s word. This is most commonly referred to as a classic “he-said-she-said” kind of case. Regardless of the evidence, the military still takes these types of sexual allegations incredibly seriously.

What kind of lawyer should you hire?

Your case’s outcome can easily change based on who you choose to have as your attorney. When it comes to the charges you are facing and the way the military deals with sexual assault charges, it is imperative that you have a military defense attorney on your side to ensure you have the necessary evidence so that they can devise the best defense for your case. While it is important to note that the purpose behind hiring an aggressive military defense attorney is not to degrade the accuser or minimize the harsh realities of sexual assault, hiring an attorney who can balance a proper defense and demonstrate how this is a false or mistaken allegation can help you get a fair trial.

Is it possible to prove your innocence with a sexual assault case?

Yes, it is possible, but it is important to remember that all you need in your case is reasonable doubt that the events happened, not that your military defense attorney must prove your innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. If your attorney can ensure there is lingering doubt as to whether there was any consent or if the sexual assault actually occurred, this is an effective strategy for winning in a court-martial.

Getting the Right Representation for your Military Sexual Assault Case

When someone accuses a member of the military of sexual assault, it is imperative that they get the proper defense. If someone has recently accused you of sexual assault and you are a member of the military, do not hesitate to get the defense you deserve for your court-martial.