Sustaining a personal injury often comes with a wide range of consequences. If you were injured due to the neglect of another individual or entity, you might be entitled to compensation. This could be great news until you realize you need to pay a personal injury lawyer in Towson, MD, like from Seigel & Rouhana, LLC, to get the most out of your case. How are you going to afford your lawyer?

Contingency Fees

The good news about personal injury cases is many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means the lawyer fees come out of your settlement, rather than you paying them up front. This also often means you have better representation because a lawyer will not take a case unless he or she is confident it can be won. If the case is lost, the lawyer does not get paid because you won’t have a settlement. If the case is won, the payment for the lawyer comes out of the settlement, so it’s nothing that will come from your own pocket. A contingency fee is generally a percentage of the settlement.

Flat Rates

Some lawyers charge a flat rate for specific types of lawsuits. In the case of a personal injury, the lawyer might charge a certain amount for every personal injury lawsuit he or she handles. That flat rate might take into consideration the typical amount of time a personal injury case takes, as well as administrative fees commonly associated with these types of cases. If a lawyer does charge a flat rate, you can speak to him or her about making payments or paying at the conclusion of the case. You might also be able to postpone the case, depending on the statute of limitations, until you can save up for the fee in cash.

Legal Loans

There is a chance you could take out a legal loan to pay your lawyer when you can’t afford it. In many cases, this is beneficial because you get the representation you need, and you can pay off the loan as soon as you receive your compensation.

Personal Work

While you may have to pay your lawyer, there are other costs related to legal representation that you may be able to avoid if you do some of the work yourself. For example, filing some paperwork with the court might take time and money if your lawyer does it, but if you do it, that cuts a small amount off the legal fees. If you need to gather witness statements, you may be able to gather contact information on your own.

Contact a Lawyer

Perhaps the best way to determine how you can afford a lawyer when you feel you don’t have the funds to do so is by contacting a lawyer. Call a personal injury lawyer today to ask questions and get the answers you need.