Walking and jogging outdoors is a common hobby and means of exercise for many people. However, it brings them in close proximity with all different types of vehicles, which can cause pedestrian accidents. From collisions with cars and bikes to motorcycles and large commercial trucks, there are several reasons why these incidents happen and cause injuries to thousands of pedestrians across the country each year.

  1. Rapid Lane Changes By Drivers

When city streets become clogged with traffic, some drivers believe they can beat the roadway system by constantly and swiftly changing lanes. While this may shave a few minutes off their commute, it can also result in serious pedestrian accidents. Sudden lane changes give drivers reduced control over their vehicles, which means they may not be able to stop in time if a lane change brings them close to a pedestrian.

  1. Crossing Away From the Designated Crosswalk

Designated crosswalk areas can become crowded during weekdays or in areas where pedestrian traffic is common. Some individuals may try to cross at other locations where motorists may not expect to encounter them. The risk can be increased when people dash out from between parked cars in an attempt to beat the flow of traffic.

  1. Texting

Texting is a common cause of vehicle accidents; however, it can affect pedestrians as well. Those crossing the street with their attention focused on their phone screens might not be as aware of their surroundings as usual and be struck by a vehicle trying to catch a yellow light or because the driver is trying to negotiate a difficult left turn. If the pedestrian is wearing headphones, the risk of being hit is likely to increase because he or she may not hear the warning honk of a car horn.

  1. Aggressive Cyclists

Many city sidewalks are large enough to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. However, not every biker is willing to give up even an inch of their designated space, and this can cause them to strike pedestrians or force them to step aside onto the side of the street, where they might be struck by a passing vehicle. Aggressive cycling can also wreak havoc in designated crosswalks, where a speeding cyclist might startle pedestrians and cause them to weave into traffic.

  1. Driver Inattention

Cell phones are not the only distraction that takes drivers’ eyes from the road. Smoking, eating, applying makeup and adjusting the car’s interior environment can all result in inattention and cause serious pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrians are at risk for injury each time they venture out close to traffic. If you have injuries resulting from such an incident, contact an attorney today to receive assistance with a legal claim.


Source: Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner