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Modifying a custody agreement is often stressful. When the arrangement you originally put in place is no longer working for you or your children, it may be necessary to endure the process of making changes. A lawyer can help to represent your interests by supporting you in making the necessary changes to your custody agreement. When a custody agreement is no longer working, it will be necessary to make changes. Here are common reasons to consider modifying a custody agreement:

Reason #1 Your Child Wants to Live with a Different Parent

As your child gets older, they may choose to live with another parent. In many cases, this can happen naturally over time. If it’s safe enough for your child to live with their parent, you may want to reach a decision based on your child’s wishes.

Reason #2 You Wish to Relocate to Another State

Moving to another state can be especially complicating. In most cases, your child’s parent is not likely to be in agreement with your decision. Although this can be especially complicating it certainly warrants a reason to modify a custody agreement.

Reason #3 The Current Plan is Not Working

There are a number of reasons a custody agreement may not be working. The agreement you came up with may be too much on your child. Or, it could be too difficult to follow. This can result in a number of problems. If one person is not holding up to their end of the agreement, it may make sense to modify the order.

Reason #4 Your Child’s Parent is Unfit

It can be terrifying to send your child off with the other parent when they are unable to adequately care for your child. If your child’s parent is unsafe or unable to provide for your child’s needs, they may not have the ability to safely care for your child. This can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are fearful of your child’s safety. Take action immediately by contacting a lawyer for assistance.

A Lawyer Can Help Modify Your Agreement

Modifying a custody agreement takes patience and wherewithal. There can be a lot riding on a custody modification. The chances may be key to ensuring that your child’s interests are able to remain at the forefront. It’s not uncommon to be unclear as to the best place to begin when it comes to initiating the modification. Law services can offer you with:

  • Extensive experience guiding our clients in modifying custody agreements
  • Help in reviewing your custody agreement  to determine if changes can be made
  • Explain your rights to you and help explore your options
  • Help you to file the proper paperwork
  • Represent you throughout the process

Although there are a number of reasons to modify a custody agreement, it can come with its’ fair share of stress. This is especially true should you and your ex be in disagreement over the changes you are proposing. We can work closely with you to assist in negotiating an agreement that works for you.

Is your custody agreement no longer working for you? An attorney can help to put your mind at ease by outlining the process of making the necessary changes to your custody agreement. A lawyer will be patient and steadfast in moving through the necessary steps towards modifying your custody agreement.

Source: Bloomington Family Lawyer, Pioletti & Pioletti