Office workers, truck drivers, students and anyone else who sits for prolonged periods can end up with stiff backs. Unfortunately, years of poor posture and misuse can do that to the spine, causing constant pain and discomfort. However, the solution to such a problem is not to resolve the issue yourself by cracking your back. While you may get temporary relief from performing the quick or deliberate twist and turn, the underlying problem is most certainly not being addressed. In fact, you could be doing more harm than good. There are at least three reasons you should never crack or attempt to manipulate your own spine.

1. It Doesn’t Work

Spinal manipulations are extremely precise movements. You cracking your back is not a correct spinal adjustment, and just because you hear a pop does not mean you are doing what a chiropractor does in their office. True, a quick crack may cause temporary relief, but that only lasts maybe 30 minutes max. Do you know what vector you manipulated? What was your desired outcome long term?

Cracking your own back does not heal anything. The reason you feel relief is that there is a release of endorphins when you pop a joint. Therefore, the good feeling is a result of chemicals and not the actual mechanical adjustment that may result in long-term relief.

2. You Can Cause Damage

People who adjust their own spine can become addicted to that good feeling or that endorphin release, especially if they have been suffering for a long time. Unfortunately, the obsession with self-treatment can result in overuse. Many people will crack their back over ten times per day, which is abusive. Too much cracking can result in hypermobility, which may result in stability problems over time.

3. Chiropractors Are Trained, You Are Not

Chiropractors understand the spine and how various manipulation can affect or improve general health and well-being. They have trained for years to practice these techniques and understand the precise nature of spinal adjustments. You have not been trained in such practices. You likely do not know how one movement relates to another. While it is understandable that you want relief, do not self-treat at the risk of self-harm. Trust a trained, licensed and certified doctor of chiropractic.

How long have you been experiencing back pain? Have you ever cracked your own back, attempting to relieve the discomfort? Protect yourself from future injury and pain by contacting a local chiropractor to discuss your spinal issues.