Not all criminal cases get talked about among the public. But for high profile cases, the public may be well aware of what is happening regarding the trial, frequently share information, and publicly express opinions about whether the party is guilty or not. In these types of very serious cases, it can be beneficial for a law firm to have a public relations professional or team to help simmer down the public response. Using public relations tactics like from one of the public relations firms in New York, New York like Goldman McCormick PR, during this stressful time can help keep the accused person’s reputation from being ruined without chance for redemption. 

In the article here, we have listed the main ways public relations approaches can aid in calming down a reactive public. 

The Role of a Public Relations Team

For those who are not sure what a public relations team or professional actually does, the overall goal is to protect a person or organization reputation from being ruined due to an incident. Public relations strategies can be particularly helpful during times of intense scrutiny and high profile criminal trials. 

When a Public Icon’s Reputation Suffers

If someone who is viewed as a public icon within the community has been accused of a crime or having done a terrible deed, they may suffer a huge hit to their popularity. A public relations team can help keep intact this person’s reputation even in the midst of judgement, by doing damage control. A public relations team can assist in managing what is shared in the media about the trial by submitting information to: 

  • Digital media
  • Newspapers
  • Social media
  • News channels
  • Radio stations
  • Online news websites

Relief for the Criminal Defense Attorney

During a high profile criminal case, the last thing an attorney wants to deal with is distraction from public outcry. An attorney can be relieved to pass on the job of protecting their client from the media to a professional who has been trained in how to respond to such matters. The attorney can then focus on their client and preparing for the case to come. 

Social Media Platforms

In today’s society, the use of social media has become more powerful than ever before. Many people use it as a way to get their news, communicate with friends and family, and research public figures or companies. It is common for people to engage in conversation with others on websites or social pages about their thoughts regarding a high profile criminal case. 

Attorneys & Public Relations Professionals Working Together

Law firms or attorneys that work specifically for criminal defense cases can benefit from having a public relations team on their side. Depending on how serious the supposed crime, the public is likely to react quickly and with a flood of opinions. Negative comments about the case being expressed through media platforms may only worsen the public perception of the incident. By hiring a public relations team, it can open up more time and energy for attorneys who are hard at work to protect their client. Public relations professionals can take on the task of damage control.