Being involved in a car accident can be scary, especially when you get out of your vehicle and see the other driver stumbling around, slurring their speech, and wreaking of alcohol. You may feel anxious about whether the driver is going to act out towards you in an aggressive manner, as being intoxicated can make people behave in unsafe ways. The first thing you must do is call 911, and limit your verbal interactions with the other driver, just in case they become angry or unstable.

Victims in drunk driving collisions are strongly encouraged to visit a reputable attorney in their town for insight and guidance on what to do in the aftermath of the accident. 

If I feel unsafe, should I drive away?

If the drunk driver is making you feel safe, create as much distance between yourself and them and then call the 911 operator again to let them know you feel threatened and believe the other driver is drunk. This will alert police to the escalating situation so they can take control promptly as they arrive. The drunk driver is likely to be arrested for driving while drunk, and while it may be tempting to drive away, it’s best to leave your vehicle where it was and wait for law enforcement. Of course, if you are in immediate danger then do whatever is needed to ensure your safety. 

What evidence will be most important to prove the other driver was drunk?

After police arrive, they will most likely place the drunk driver under arrest and have their blood and urine tested for blood alcohol content (BAC). However, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can while at the scene to support your claims. Take photographs and video of the scene, and perhaps the other driver too if it doesn’t cause the situation to escalate.

Remember that your health and well being is the priority, it’s just when it comes to pursuing compensation later on it’ll be easier to do if you have proof to back up your claims about what happened. When taking photographs, it can help to also include factors like:

  • The weather
  • Construction that may have been influenced the crash
  • Layout of the road or intersection, including street signs
  • Obstructions that may have affected visibility

Should I attend legal hearings where the drunk driver is on trial?

Yes, it is very important that you showcase evidence at trials, hearings, or other legal proceedings where the driver who was drunk faces prosecution. Because of such a complicated situation, a car accident can be when drunk driving was a factor, it’s best to have an attorney working with you and providing advice on what to do.

If this drunk driver has a history of violence or other criminal activity, your lawyer, like a car accident lawyer, can recommend ways to provide evidence against them without putting yourself in an unsafe situation. Your attorney may advise that you do or do not attend the drunk driver’s hearing, depending on the situation.